Decided to ditch watching the second half of the Broncos game today and take a late hike in Staunton State Park. Broncos still kicked ass! Living 5 minutes from the park makes it an easy decision on an awesome fall day. Worked the Staunton Ranch trail today. Struggled and only made one mediocre shot. A little heavier on the HDR than I usually do but the flatter light situation made it come out kind of cool. It sucks when the iphone beer shot is the best you got for the day. Oh well it was a nice hike.

Camera Data

  • Date: 10/27/13
  • Time: 4:51:19
  • Model: NIKON D3
  • Firmware: Ver.2.02
  • Frame #: 2641
  • Lens (mm): 35 f2
  • ISO: 400
  • Exp. Comp.: -0.7
  • Program: Manual
  • Focus Mode: AF-C
  • White Bal.: Auto
  • ICC Profile: Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Quality: RAW

Exposure Data

  • Total Rows: 2
  • Row Positions: 5
  • HDR Images Per Postion: 5
  • ISO: 400
  • Aperture: f8
  • Bracket: 5 frames +-1
  • Shutter: 20, 40, 80, 160, 320

Beer Data

  • Brewery:
  • Location: Milton, Delaware
  • Beer: Sixty-One
  • Style: American Indian Pale Ale
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • IBU: 60
  • Tasting Notes: This is supposedly the 60 minute IPA with the addition of syrah grape must from California. Interesting taste. The grape covers up the usual IPA flavor you expect and makes it drink really easy. It really does taste like a shot of wine in your beer. Kind of watery mouthfeel and weak hop aroma. The bitterness is there and mixes with the tartness of the grape well. Refreshing but not one I’ll keep coming back too.
Looking towards Lions Head on the Staunton Ranch Trail

Looking towards Lions Head on the Staunton Ranch Trail

Dogfish Head Brewery Sixty-One IPA

Dogfish Head Brewery Sixty-One IPA